Manuel B. Perito, Jr.

2009 Bagong Bayani for Most Outstanding Employee Awardee

Position: Senior Manager/Risk Management
Philippine Address: Brgy. Palale, Sta Margarita Western Samar
Employer: Oman Insurance Company
P.O. Box 5209 Dubai, U.A.E.

What is life after being named as one of Bagong Bayani in 2009?

I guessed there is no greater accolade than being an OFW itself, tagged as one of those new heroes who help our economy getting stable year after year.

The Bagong Bayani Award has somehow put me in a status symbol that even co-expat friends and colleagues are proud of, sharing my triumph to others. I can feel the distinct respect knowing that I have been acknowledged as an awardee.

I am working for already 9 years now in a premier local insurance firm owned by the richest man in UAE, Al Ghurair, as Senior Manager for Risk Management. The company has recruited a new Filipino risk engineer to join our team where the three of us now has outnumbered the other nationalities in our 6-manned department. It is not just about quantity, but I am sure my superiors must have appreciated my work ethics and attitude that somehow paved way for hiring more Filipino staff.

In 2011, I, Ms. Mary Jane Alvero (another 2009 Bagong Bayani Awardee batchmate) and Filipino world-known designer Furne One were featured in ‘Young Asian Achievers’ book published by UAE-based journalist Meraj Rizvi. You can read the featured article following the link below.

On the socially relevant issues, I and some tennis friends have put up a page called JOBs WANTED FOR MY KABAYAN ”FB” FRIENDS IN THE GCC” in 2011, a page for all Filipino newbies in UAE and The Gulf to post advises and source of information/guide for Pinoys on Visit Visa, Changing Works, Visa Exit Runs, fake job agencies and scam offers, job links to available works in the market. You can check our page on the link below:

We have also carried out special tennis socials events to support and donate to the victims of destructive typhoons and floods in the recent years.

Engr. Manuel (Mike) Jr Perito
Senior Manager – Risk Management Unit
Oman Insurance Company
P.O. Box 5209 Dubai-UAE


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